Elite Eyeglass Company is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Eyewear Products.


Based in Shanghai and Wenzhou, with full access to main Chinese eyeglass manufacturing centers: Wenzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen. We have supported worldwide Eyewear brands and distributors since 2005, combining quality products with in-house design capabilities.


With our dedicated team of Account Managers and QC Inspectors, we assure delivery time with strict eyes on Quality. We have the technical expertise to arrive at the optimal technical solution for each Eyewear project. 



We sell customized models according to customers’ requests.

Commonly, we start development procedures based on pictures suggestions and follow the following procedure: Pictures/Sketch Drawings > Technical drawing > Sample approval > Mass Production.

We keep clients updated with a monthly list of new sketch drawings that can be used for inspiration and customized to each client.

For other customers, we start from scratch, and put in paper ideas from our designers, with extensive experience and knowledge on trends to offer custom designs and an unique solution within its proposed “Branding”. Conceptual designs in injected materials, acetate, and metal to leverage the value of a unique creation on the market.





We have several partners in different area of specialty: Inject, Metal and Acetate Frames combined with one centralized purchase center, facilitating the entire operation in logistics and quality control. We have the flexibility in finding the best option for customer needs, within its proposed work, with most competitive price for the volume.


We have the advantage of knowing the most suitable manufacturer for customer’s needs, whithin the equation “Quality x Value” product that is sought. The whole process is transparent and you know where your products are made, giving you security of operation.

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Important area of sourcing for eyeglass manufacturer customers. Parts and accessories is one of our specialities. Hinges, eyelocks, bridges, wire cores, metal and acetate temples, zamac ornaments, demo lens. We have full access to parts suppliers to choose the best option for eyeglass factories.

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Any new product of interest? From a different hinge to a whole project for metal or acetate plant we can help to source.

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We do all concierge service during our customers stay in China, Invitation letter for VISA concession, airport pick up, hotel booking, drivers and cars booking and trip schedule and managements.



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Head of Operations


With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Jadia is an eyewear expert with a solid technical background. She is head of Elite´s Shanghai office, providing strong oversight of the whole production process in China.



Head of Business development


With over 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Renato holds an MBA in France and is responsible for Elite´s new client development and management.



Elite Eyeglass Managing Director


With over 15 years of experience in the Eyewear industry, Andre has supported medium and large sized Eyewear companies in the manufacturing of exclusive eyeglasses in China in the Americas and Europe.



Elite Eyeglass Company is an Eyewear supplier specialized in providing optical components, solar and optical frames. With our expertise in the development of glasses, we supply our customers with the best proposal for the design, latest fashion trends, colors, variety of materials, quality and delivery time.

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